FAQs – On the Day

Thank you for booking a Portrait Session. Here are a few FAQs to make getting ready easier. If you have any questions that aren’t covered please email us of leave it in the comments below.

When should we arrive?

If you wish to be costumed for your session please attend at least 30mins prior. This will give you time to change into your chosen outfit, apply a moko stencil should you want one and ensure you are ready to go when your photography time starts.

What should we wear?

Wear solid colours and collared shirts for the menfolk. Dress pants or nice clean jeans will always look classic in a portrait. You don’t have to dress up for your family portrait.

A plain shirt will also look good with a Korowai should you choose not wear a costume. Strapless bras and clothes that are easy to change are a must if you want to get dressed up.  If you have clothing from a different nation that you want to wear for your photograph please do bring it.

We have potae, korowai, some kapahaka costumes, and rapaki.

Do you provide all the costumes in the photographs?

We have a range of items that can fit newborns up to adults. Our korowai are 1 size fits most and we have several for the kids.  We have enough to dress up to approx. 10 people in the one Portrait.

Some people have brought their own items along so if you’ve seen something in our photographs that you like please contact us and confirm that it does belong to us.

What about eyeliner, make up etc?

If you are having a private session a make up artist can be arranged at your cost if you require a more made up look.We do not have an in house make up service.

We ask that you come to the session with your make up already applied how you want it. If you have coldsores or are prone to them please bring your own lipstick.

We have our own taonga, can we bring them?

Definitely Yes! We encourage whanau to wear what they have to make the portrait more personal to them. Wether it be a whanau manaia that gets worn by all the women in each individual portrait, a patu or taiaha for the men or korowai you have made yourselves. Bring them along and have them become a part of the whanau history told in your portraits

What will happen when we get there?

When you arrive we will get you to complete some paperwork, choose your outfits, apply moko should you want them and talk about what you want to do with your portraits.

When your session starts we will usually photograph the family as a unit first and then individuals. If you tell us you just want a group photo then that’s all we will shoot.

Afterwards you will be shown your unedited photographs on an iPad. From these photographs you will choose your package print and order any products you want.

How many photos can we get?

A Portrait Day sitting is 20mins. Depending on how agreeable everyone is we can take about 10 different poses during that time. We will shoot to your requirements. If you want a family photo and one of just the kids then that’s what we will create.

We recommend looking at our other photos to get an idea of what you would like for your session.

Do we have to pay for our package on the day?

You must view your photos and make your order on the day. We will only back up the photos you choose so please allow time for this.

Payment must be made at the time of ordering. We accept cash, visa/mastercard or paypal. A 6 week Layby is available on orders over $350 with a $50 deposit paid on the day.

Your order will be delivered to your home address approx 2-4 weeks after your final payment.


What is in a package?

A single portrait package has the 1 portrait in 4 print sizes , 8×10, 5×7(2), 5×3.5(2) and wallets(4). It also comes with the 1 digital file on disc.


How long will it take for our  package to arrive?

Out turn around time for your products will be about 2 weeks for Prints & Discs and 4 weeks for Canvas. Your package will either be posted to your home or available for pick up from the organising venue.

What if we want a longer session?

You are welcome to Commission a private sitting at our studio in St Clair NSW. There is only a limited number of these sessions each month. The package starts at $300 and includes 5 digital files.

We do offer private sessions at your home. These start at $500 and include 5 digital files.