Gareth, Stephanie & I were lucky enough to visit Perth in February. While we were there we held 4 Portrait days.

We were in Sorrento on Thursday 2nd of February at the Quality Inn. Whaea Huia, her daughters Huriana & Rongomatane and grand daughter Kiara, who was celebrating her birthday, travelled from Northam 100kms away to see us. It was lovely to capture the 3 generations together.

3 Generations of Māori women

3 Generations of Māori women

On Friday the 3rd we spent the day at the Meerilinga Family Centre at Beechboro. We were joined by Carol’s very handsome son who was turning 16. It seemed to be the trip for birthday celebrations. We finished the day with Whaea Mihi and her tamariki and mokopuna.  Whaea Mihi brought some of her own korowai and added a personal touch to their Portrait. We encourage whanau to do this so they can make their portrait unique and create a timeline with their whanau taonga.DSC_3868

On Saturday 4th we had a full on day at Waikiki Community Centre. We booked 25 families for this venue and were so pleased when most of them turned up.  Rawinia brought along our youngest pēpi of the trip Maddison. She was only 2 weeks old when i got to meet her. I love photographing the babies in our wahakura so it was nice to have a pēpi who could fit in our little one.


We had another full day at Bunbury on Sunday 5th. Just want to acknowledge Marika and her girls who made a 5hr round trip to come have their Portraits made with us. We hope they enjoyed the experience and have received their package. They only get a weekly mail delivery apparently so will have to wait even longer than everyone else for their Portraits


It seemed to be the day for crying pēpi with many of the little ones being a little overwhelmed by the whole experience. It can be a little scary for some of them to see mummy and daddy with the moko on their faces. If you don’t have any whanau with moko or contact with kapahaka performers who you see with it on we recommend drawing some moko on and showing them photos of the painted faces before your shoot so they aren’t so shocked. Rawinia and her whanau were our biggest group of the trip and from their photo below would you believe that one point all of those babies were crying.


We met and photographed over 100 people while we were in WA and many of them feature in the album below. From cheeky babies to a beautiful kui we were blessed with the presence of many Māori.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in WA and will definitely be back next year!