We had the Taipeti girls come in for a Māori Portrait Session a few months ago. They were wanting to make portraits that represented the Māori part of their heritage. The portraits were to be gifted to their whanau back home in NZ. These girls are seriously photogenic and I’d like to say the good looks come from their Māori father but ive heard their mum is just as gorgeous. We tried to get her to come with them for this second session but she was whakama.

They came back in last week so we could get some portraits done for our sample albums and posters (not everyone wants to be a poster whanau for Poihakena Portraits). However these girls are happy to be on social media and we love to share photos so it was a match made in heaven. We appreciate the time the girls took helping us out.

Here is a short promo we made with the portraits from the second session

and here are some of the photos