Maria is the driving force behind Wests Maori Rugby League Club. We watched her in action at the Nga Hau e Wha tournament earlier in the month and the woman did not stop. Between organising the merchandise for sale, coordinating our tents and a cool room she seemed to be every where at once.

PoihakenaPortraitsFB-6500Its our pleasure to be able to photograph her family. Lucky for her she still has both parents and we were able to capture a photo with 3 generations.

This portrait session was particularly special for her as its a rare occurrence now to have all her children in the one place. With her daughter jetting off to Canada to live soon the occurrence will become rarer for a little while.PoihakenaPortraitsFB-6519

PoihakenaPortraitsFB-6517 PoihakenaPortraitsFB-6510 PoihakenaPortraitsFB-6504

We had 3 Generations in our studio on Wednesday. Maria brought in her kids and parents to get a family photo while they were all in the one place.Thank you for coming over. I hope you love them!

Posted by Poihakena Portraits on Friday, 23 October 2015