We were at 2 Festivals on Waitangi Day this year. One in Blacktown and one in Campbelltown. The one at Blacktown was held on the Francis Park Green in the Showgrounds Precinct. Its proximity to the water park made it perfect on a hot day.  Gareth caught a few pictures from Blacktown before our Gazebo got bus with customers.

It was the first year at Blacktown and we had a lot to do with organising this Festival. From organising the talent, getting stall holders, designing and paying for the banners we did most of it. Gareth and I won’t be involved with the Western Sydney Waitangi Festival in 2017.  We may be going interstate or back to NZ with Poihakena Portraits next year.

It was awesome to hear that many people enjoyed the event. I think the people who were the happiest were those who managed to snag a hangi before they sold out!

We will be posting photos from our Gazebo in a different post. If you have an event in Melbourne, Brisbane or another major city and want to see us there send us an email. Make the invite attractive enough and we may travel to be there.